Social Media + Shop The Feed

How do I shop your social media photos?

We've all been there, you're scrolling through Instagram and you see a cute pair of shoes or a swimsuit you want to buy...but how do you track it down? I've made it easy: ALWAYS check the blog.

I created an entire page dedicated to shopping my social media looks. You can find it under the "Shop" tab at the top of the page. 

I'm also excited to announce that there's now a section on the right called "Shop The Feed." It's the EXACT SAME content as the "Shop" tab up top - just quick + easy access from the home page. It's located in the sidebar area, under my social media buttons. From the blog home page, you can find it here: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.00.09 PM.png

Both options will give you clickable photos that offer direct links to shop the items I'm sharing! This new feature even indicates if it is the exact item I have, or just something similar. Note: If it doesn't say "exact item" it's most likely because I'm sharing an item that's older, not available online, or something I found at a local boutique. If that's the case, I will always do my best to link a similar item for you.

Can I still shop your normal blog posts?

Yes, you can actually shop both ways! You can always shop at the bottom of each blog post, and now under the "Shop" tab too. The difference is the content...

The photos I share in each blog post is curated specifically for the blog. The best way to notify you of a new blog post is to share one or two of these photos on social media. However, not all of my social media content makes it's way to the blog. A quick selfie or #ootd picture (even some content from my IG story) used to live in that "Instagram only" space. Until now...

I want the new "Shop" page (and sidebar space) to be your go-to destination, a place where you can find + shop all of the photos I share exclusively on Instagram/Facebook. Quick, easy, reliable. 

Get the details on these pieces under the "Shop" tab or on the sidebar, under "Shop The Feed!"


Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any suggestions! I'm still working on how I present my content, post relaunch, and would love your feedback on how I can make Traci Taylor Collective a place you find useful + inspiring.