Fiesta Like There's No Mãnana


I’m currently taking this whole “fiesta like there’s no mãnana” thing to another level while writing this post from our hotel in VEGAS! Nothing says “it’s officially summer” like starting off with a vacation.

Like most things in my life, I decided to plan this little party for the kids at the last minute - aka - the night before school got out. I was able to pull all of the details together with things I already had at home, and a quick trip to Target.

Celebrating life’s little moments is something I’ve tried to make a priority in motherhood. My mom always did (and does!) such a great job of making everyday things special, and it’s something I knew I wanted to provide for my kids too. At the end of the day life can be hard, so why not make it a little more fun and throw a party? Looking back I know I appreciated the positivity and joy that it brought to my life, and I hope my babies feel the same.