Everleigh's 2nd Birthday at Disneyland!


Just before I got hit with a bad case of vertigo, we managed to squeeze in some birthday photos of Everleigh for her second birthday! I’m going to cherish the moments we captured forever! As disappointed as I was to have to leave, Cory stepped in and made sure everyone still had a great day, and that E felt really celebrated.

Even though we have annual passes and go to Disneyland often, we love celebrating birthdays at the parks and making it a really special, stand out experience. In our case that looks like saying yes far more than we usually do, and making E the center of attention! She loved it! We stop at the candy shop, let her pick out a souvenir at the gift store, and in general let her call the shots for the day.

At the end of the day, it isn’t about the things we buy them (although that’s fun too!) but the time we get to spend together. I want my kids to know how special they are on their birthday + always. Disneyland represents so many special memories for us as a family, and I love that it’s our go to celebration spot. I hope that tradition continues for years to come!

Everleigh + Savvy are wearing tutu’s c/o ILOVEPLUM. Thank you for gifting us the perfect matching ensembles for E’s celebration!

*Note: Savvy is in size 8, and Everleigh is in the 2.