Everleigh's Spring wardrobe


Anyone with kids knows they can outgrow an entire wardrobe overnight, which was exactly the case with Everleigh! She’s about a month away from turning two (cue the tears!) and growing right on schedule. So it came as no surprise that we needed to jump up to the 2t for most of her clothing…

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I have made a conscious effort to buy quality over quantity for the past year or so. With that, I’m able to pick up a “collection” of pieces for the next season, or at a growth spurt without feeling guilty about spending too much all at once. Shopping this way has been a complete game changer from both a financial and style perspective.

Speaking of style, so many of you ask me where I like to shop for the kids, and after years of experience, I’ve happily landed on Target (surprise!), Gap, Cotton On Kids and Old Navy. Every now and then I’ll sprinkle Zara and Nordstrom in the mix too.

All of the items listed below are things Everleigh either already owns and loves for Spring, or pieces I’ve added to her wardrobe over the last week or so. Pro tip: scroll over and order as many jellies as you can (different colors and in two sizes) because it’s all your girl will want to wear this Spring/Summer, and they tend to sell out quickly. Be sure to check the website for daily promos and you can usually score them on sale!