Essentail Oils - F.A.Q



Why should I start with a kit and not just one oil? 1. ordering the kit gives you that 24% off member discount for life, plus a diffuser to use the oils. That alone is reason enough!

2. you can use oils for everything! The 11 oils in the kit are the most popular oils and I use them daily. Whether you are looking for oils to help you sleep, for natural immune system support, for energy, for focus, for relaxation, for your kids, for natural alternatives to cleaning products, the list is endless, there is an oil for that! The starter kit is where you’ll get your feet wet and learn! The kit is also a $360 value, marked down to $160 in the bundle.

Why Young Living and not Amazon, Whole Foods, etc? Young Living is the worldwide leader in essential oils, founded 25 years ago. The company is established and has surpassed $1 billion in sales the last several years. Aside from that, Young Living has an unmatched Seed to Seal process to guarantee the purity & potency of every oil from the time it’s a Seed until it’s Sealed in the bottle as an oil. You can be confident that each oil you’re getting is in fact 100% oil, safe to diffuse, use with your kids, and beyond.

Do I have to order more oils monthly or sell them? Nope, there are no requirements or hidden gimmicks with Young Living! Your kit can be a one time purchase, but I promise you it won’t be! You can also use your personal referral link to share with friends + family – but again, neither of these are required.

What is Essential Rewards? Essential Rewards is a customizable monthly wellness box for you to order and reorder all your Young Living favorites. Essential Rewards is the BEST and most cost effective way to order with young living! Earn free products and points back on each order to redeem for all the free things! This monthly shipment comes straight to your door step with prime-style shipping, acting as your healthy Amazon and saving you a trip to Target!

How do points work? You earn 10-25% on your purchases which show up in your ‘points balance’ on your dashboard. These act as cash for you to use via quick order + place an entire order at no cost! Forget the Target Red Card 5%, let’s talk about that 25% off! So if you place a $150 order in your first month, you’ll automatically get 15 points racked up!

+ Months 1-3 on ER: Earn 10% back
+ Months 4-24 on ER: Earn 20% back
+ Months 25-life on ER: Earn 25% back

How do freebies work? Did someone say free?! Every month Young Living picks free products for those of us on essential rewards to get in addition to the products we ordered and our points back! The freebies are announced on the first of the month - and are announced in our facebook group! You qualify for freebies by hitting the following PV levels:

+ 100 PV
+ 190 PV
+ 250 PV
+ 300 PV

So there’s different freebies for each level - typically you get 1 free at 100PV, 3 free at 190PV, 4 free at 250, and 5 or more at 300PV. The free products usually total around $200 or more, too!

Are there requirements? The only requirement for Essential Rewards is that your order is a minimum of 50 PV per month - which is essentially $50. And let’s be real, you’re probably spending that at Target on toxic junk already, so just transfer your budget over to Young Living and get safe, clean, non toxic products into your home! You’re purchasing things that you already buy, just from a different place. And bonus - it comes right to your house. Plus, you’re worth it!

How and what do I order?

+ Login to your account dashboard
+ Select Essential Rewards on the left hand side
+ Add products to your cart
+ Pick a ship date (you can change this any time too!)
+ You’re all set!

*Your box will ship on the date that you've selected so make sure to have your cart updated each month before that date with everything you need.

Where do you get your roller bottles, spray bottles, and other oil supplies? I usually shop on Amazon, and get my jojoba oil (for the beauty serum I make) from Trader Joes.

Okay! That was a TON of info, but if you have any questions - let me know!