Back to School Style 2018


"We were together, I forget the rest."

- Walt Whitman.

I've always said these two were better together, so it only seemed fitting to use this quote for the first day, now that they finally go to the same school. Two of my babies, ONE campus...honestly what could be better?

Yesterday was quite the whirlwind. It was a huge adjustment to wake up early again, and have somewhere to be by 8:00 a.m., but we made it. Savvy went off to 2nd grade with a smile on her face and a understated confidence like she'd been doing this her whole life. 

Then at 10:00 it was Hudson's turn, and with a little more hesitation he went off to TK with a nervous excitement for his first day. It was the longest morning of my life waiting for these two! I literally couldn't wait to see them, and hear about their day. I struggle FAR more than they do when it comes to being apart. Which, in hindsight, I'm really thankful for.  

Back to School Style

Each year I like to get the kids a few back to school outfits, and a new backpack. It's one of my favorite traditions to carry on, because I have such special memories of those times with my mom! As soon as I saw Hudson's Tee I knew it would perfect for his very first day of elementary school. It really was "one for the books!"  

Savvy decided that this was the year she wanted more of a say in her school clothes, so we went shopping together and had so much fun figuring out her style (which, for those wondering, is sassy, comfortable, girly, and bold.) I seriously couldn't be more proud of the smart, strong, and stylish girl she is! 

Okay, your turn! Do you do back to school shopping with your kids? New backpacks too? Or do you have another "back to school" tradition you've started? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram under our back to school photo.