Sorry, Not Sorry


If you've been wondering where I've been lately, you're not alone! It's been a few weeks since my last post, and the truth is I feel a little guilty whenever I fall out of blogging consistently. I pride myself on being professional and working really hard on this blog/business, but I'll be's hard for me to adjust when "life" gets in the way of the passion I feel for what I do. 

Errrr what?! Even as I write this I have to check myself because "life" is referring to my role as a mother, and that privilege is anything but "in the way." The entire reason I even get to pursue this blog is because I've been blessed with the opportunity to work from home with my babies. And believe me, it's an honor I don't take lightly. 

You probably can't really tell in the photos, but my shoes have a little mantra printed on the top of them...Yep, you guessed it: "sorry, not sorry!" So fitting right? Sometimes I have to take that motto to heart when it comes to setting my priorities straight. Like, "sorry, not sorry we stayed up late eating popcorn and watching a movie together when I should have been working."  

Now that's not to say you can't do both, because I strongly believe you can be a bad ass business woman (from home or the office) and a good mother too. It takes a lot of drive and even more coffee, but it's doable. You just have to take a "sorry, not sorry" approach to prioritizing your to-do list. If the most important things/people keep ending up at the bottom, it's time to reevaluate.

If this summer has taught me anything, it's to put my people first. I'm never going to look back and regret the time I spent with my kids, but I can't say the same for everything else. And I'm actually really good with that.

*My espadrilles were a lucky (and quite fitting) find from Nordstrom Rack, and unfortunately unavailable online. However, I've linked similar styles, along with the rest of my outfit for you to shop below: