Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

Shop Here First!

I am going to post all of the BEST pieces (with links to shop!) right here as soon as the sale goes live, so be sure to check back this Thursday! 

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All images courtesy of

It's almost here! The much anticipate Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is this Thursday (early access for card members) and goes public (anyone can shop, card or no card) on the 20th. The sale ends August 5th, which is when prices on these NEW PIECES will go back up. 

The reason people go cray over this event is because Nordstrom marks down BRAND NEW Fall/Winter pieces so you can get some closet staples (or splurges!) at amazing prices. These exact same items will be full price again come August, so if you see something you have to have, don't wait. Nordstrom has an incredible return policy so it's best to grab something with the option of returning it, rather than missing out all together. Especially since things like athletic shoes, denim, and handbags all sell out quickly...

Let's talk details

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You have to decide if the Nordstrom card is right for you, but it does come with some amazing advantages! If you were to have just one store credit card, this would be the one to get...and here's why:

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Personally I like the Visa/Nordstrom card because we can use it on other/outside purchases and rack up points quickly. You always have the option to pay off your balance right away, and treat it more like a debit card if credit cards aren't your thing. 

Triple Point Day

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If you are a cardmember, or you become one for the sale, I highly recommend planning to use your triple point day on Thursday (or whatever day you plan to shop the sale) It's probably the one time throughout the year (besides Christmas) that you will spend the most, so why not rack up the points? You can use your triple point day in person or online, just be sure to set it up before checking out. 

A Few Tips

This is a shopping event I plan/save for all year. I knock out most of our back to school shopping and closet updates during this sale. 

I like to clean out our closets (kids especially) before the sale. I make note of the things they need, like new shoes/jackets/jeans that they may have outgrown for back to school. I also take inventory on the things my closet could benefit from, like replacing worn out denim, and booties. Finally I jot down anything Cory might need from new weekend clothes to dressy shoes for work. 

Pay attention to reviews for sizing. Nordstrom shoppers are usually spot on when it comes to reviews and size recommendations. If you are shopping the sale online, be sure to check the reviews first before hitting checkout. 

Speaking of sizing...if something you want happens to sell out in your size, grab it in another size and do an even exchange (same color and style only) when your size comes back in stock. This way you are guaranteed to get it on sale and won't have to pay full price. This sale hack really only works at Nordstrom due to their easy return/exchange policy. 

Remember to check back this Thursday for my recommendations,