Real Talk + Boho Blouses


Can you believe tomorrow will already be AUGUST FIRST? I know, my eyes got a little wider too...

I want to talk to my fellow moms for a minute: how are you doing? Barely surviving summer? Thriving? Or somewhere in between? My answer depends on the day (and the amount of Diet Dr. Pepper I've consumed.)

The reason I ask is because I feel like my Instagram feed is full of women, specially mothers, who are straight up apologizing for spending time with their kids and not posting as often as they used to. As much as I get it, and I do, I really do...the pressure to stay "connected" and "seen" is REAL. It's what drives people to your content, and the more people interact with your brand, the better. Trust me, I feel it too...

But I want to look back on a summer where I both worked hard and played with my kids. Guilt free. The way it should be. Ya feel me? 

So whether it's a 9-5, a blog, or a side hustle you're balancing, I want you to join me! I'm on a mission to have it all, but without the guilt and feelings of inadequacy. Here's how I'm going to do it:

  • One task at a time.

Instead of scrolling through my feed while we're spending time together, I'm going to try to be really present and in the moment with my babies. Then later, let's say during nap time, I'll carve out a dedicated 15 minutes to my social media where I can enjoy it, and post without feeling rushed or guilty. 

  • Make a schedule.

If I need time to blog or shop for an upcoming post, I can't just squeeze it in between our park date and nap time. If I do, everyone is hot and tired and nothing productive gets accomplished anyway. Instead I want to have something in the books so I'm prepared. So if that means staying up late and working once the kids go to bed, do that. Or if it looks like putting off work stuff to spend quality time together at the beach, do that too. But remember, you're dealing with kids, so it's wise to keep things general and in pencil. 

  • Prioritize. 

I know I said I want it all, and I do...but I'm also not naive enough to think I'll get it. At the end of the day there's always going to be a list of things I wasn't able to get to. So when I'm making my schedule, I think: "what comes first?" For me, it's family. 100 times over. They are my priority, and the people I want to give my first and best to. I think I feel the most crazy when that perspective gets out of whack. 

  • Work smarter, not harder.

Lately I've really dedicated myself to the process. I've spent a good amount of time researching the most effective way to plan posts, batch work, meal prep, ect. Fine tuning my process has given me a sense of focus, which in turn has allowed me to get more done! Consider what apps, systems, or features you can use to help you. Also think about new ways to do the same old tasks. Can you order a bulk of your shopping list on Amazon and spend less time at Target each week? Would you be more successful if you used an app and planned everything you need for dinner so you aren't scrambling and running to Sprouts at the last minute? Whatever it is, look at where you can cut back, and then pour that time into what matters most. 

In other unrelated news, this top is everything! It's one of those stand out pieces that you won't be sorry you splurged on. Trust me. I've also come to realize that while I can appreciate a good jeans and t-shirt look, maxi dresses and boho blouses are my jam. What's your go-to look? I'd love to hear from you...