Sunday Best + Father's Day 2018


Sunday Best

My weekly "Sunday Best" series just got kicked up a notch or two with this flirty new maxi dress! Unlike the other pieces I've bought lately, that have sold out almost instantly (eye roll), this one is still available and under $30! (It comes in black too!)

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the dress dreams are made of. It has a slit in front which makes it incredibly easy to walk in, a beautiful year-round color and print, and best of all it stays put without constant tugging. The arm detail actually keeps the whole things perfectly in place, even when you need a large range of motion. 

Father's Day

I'm sure you've already seen the photos I posted to social media this past weekend, praising both my Dad and Cory for being amazing Fathers. But what you didn't read was all the ways that they love and serve my family on the daily...

My Dad has given up countless weekends over the last few years helping us with our never ending house projects. He selflessly shows up on a Saturday morning, ready to work, with coffee and doughnuts in hand. We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today without all of his sweat equity. His love is endless and his support is constant. 

It goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway!) that Cory is an incredible Daddy to our babies. He is right there giving baths, feeding dinners, and doing bed time without being asked. He supports our family financially, and still pitches in while I pursue my blog/business. He takes the kids on adventures, and to museums. He makes traditions, and seeks Jesus on their behalf. He loves them with all of his being.

It's no secret we don't have it all figured out in the marriage department, but I'm so grateful we have always been able to count on his love. He puts our family first every. single. time. 

New Series In The Works

Speaking of pursuing my blog and business, I have an idea for a new series I wanted to share with you! I'm going to call it "Wellness Wednesdays" and cover topics ranging from nutrition to Essential Oils. I've recently become a huge advocate for wellness in all areas of my life. In light of that discovery I wanted a space where I can share my thoughts on diet, exercise, positive body image practices, and mental health. I'm so excited about this new series, and hope you are too...