New Favorite Sunglasses + Sunday Best


Why Sunday best?

I'm actually thinking of starting a new series called "Sunday Best" since it's basically the only day of the week I have time to get fully dressed for the day. It's also the day we typically shoot for the blog so it just feels right.

As most of you know I'm a stay at home mom who loves fashion, but I also love sleep and playing with my kids. I'm not really drawn to uncomfortable clothes or impractical shoes when I'm going to be balancing a baby on my hip and jumping on the trampoline with the kids after school. 

But what about your love of fashion?

I know eventually my personal style will evolve as our lives do...but for now this works. I do think I could step up my "comfy clothes" game which I'm currently working on, and of course sharing it all with you. I think it's so important to have a well balance wardrobe that addresses the different areas of your life. I need to be able to get dressed and feel confident in what I have on for day time with the kids, as well as date night and church on Sunday. 

Okay, back to the sunglasses...

I've always been drawn to shoes, handbags and accessories. I truly believe these items make or break any outfit. These are also the pieces that really define your personal style, and because I'm still deciding what I want my "look" to be - I've focused on building up the accessories in my collection to my current taste. These playful, oversized, CLEAR SUNGLASSES felt stylish and effortless, but still cool. Which now that I think about it is exactly what I want my closet to be...

How would you describe your style? Here's a tip:

Whether you are building your closet or designing your home, you've got to pick a style and stick with it. Once you know that you are (insert: boho, feminine, classic...whatever) you can base your purchasing decisions around that. Once you've created a foundation of basics in that particular style, you can sprinkle in other pieces that may not fit perfectly into that category, but still feel like you.  

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