Everleigh's 1st Birthday + How To: A Charcuterie Board

First off, what's a charcuterie board?

Right? I asked the same thing. Well, I actually had to asked how to pronounce it. Charcuterie is French, but in English it means delicatessen. Basically it's a cheese and meat board - and I'm ALL about it. Not only does it photograph well (priorities) it became the centerpiece of the party. Our guests kept making their way back to the island to talk + snack throughout the party.

How to:

  • Get an acacia paddle board or a plank large enough to serve a generous amount of food.
  • Want to look like a super chic hostess? Have the items pre-poured into bowls for frequent refills, without having to dig around in the pantry. (I learned this the hard way.
  • Consider your guests. Do you have someone who is GF, or allergic to sesame seeds? Stick to at least one or two snacks that they can enjoy. 
  • Go for the garnish. Keep your charcuterie board game strong with a pretty herb like rosemary scattered around. 

How do you feel about Everleigh turning one?

It's honestly kind of surreal. So much of her first year was spent in construction chaos, so I feel like it just flew by. As emotional as I am about my last baby not being a baby anymore, I'm also good with it. Before deciding to have Everleigh, I had this sense that I just wasn't done yet. I hadn't had my last baby. Fast forward to today - and I'm content. Our family is complete. So first birthdays and outgrown moccasins are okay. I'm okay. 

They say by your third you can really appreciate the small things. You aren't as nervous as you were with you first, and you aren't as sentimental as you were with your second...wondering if he/she will be your last. Everleigh makes me feel that way. That each new milestone or notch on the growth chart is just icing on the cake.