Wellness Talk + Natural Deodorant Review


Why the recent focus on wellness? You've talked a lot about it lately...

After having our third and last baby in April (2017) I felt like it was finally time to start focusing on living our best lives. So much of my pregnancy and those newborn days are just about surviving. I started making wellness a "thing" and try and do something to promote heath every day. We started eating more plant based meals, switch to organic here and there, and also thought a little more about what I was putting on my body too.

There are so many natural deodorants out there, why Kopari?

I was stuck in a long line at Anthropologie a few weeks ago, and saw a sample on a beauty table they had set up. I've always wanted to try their line of coconut oil based beauty products. So while I waited I rolled some on the back on my hand to feel the texture and test the scent. I was really surprised to find out it was soft and smooth (I think I imagined sticky and thick or chunky?) and smelled amazing. Like, I couldn't stop smelling it in line and for most of the day after that.

It's also Aluminum, silicone + phthalate free, Non-GMO, and vegan. Plus the directions read: "glide on underarms then go get 'em, girl. It's like they were speaking directly to me. 

Okay you've tried it...thoughts?

We've had a little heat wave here for the last week or so, so it was the perfect time to put this deodorant to the test. I'm talking basically one hundred degrees outside, hot. I think I applied too much the first day in anticipation of it not working well. Rookie mistake.

This stuff is amazing. You don't need to pack it on because it does it's job and keeps you smelling fresh (I'm seriously obsessed with the scent) all day. And I would say it holds up to combating sweat just as well as what I was using before - which was Degree for women. An added bonus is the clear application, no more white marks to mess with.

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