I'm a wife and mother of three living in Orange County, California. My goal for this blog is to provide inspiration through my content, a supportive community of readers, and tips/services that work toward building a beautiful and meaningful lifestyle.


I started creating content in 2014. I was navigating my new role in motherhood with two, and searching for a way to engage in community, document our life, and share the things I love. Blogging provided the creative space I needed...and I've loved it ever since.

In October of 2015 I transitioned my blog to Traci Taylor Collective in hopes of elevating my reader's experience and better representing my style and purpose. So much growth has taken place between when I started blogging and now, so it only made sense to rebrand and switch platforms. 


After a two year hiatus from blogging I feel like an entirely different person. My life has changed in so many ways. We've completed our family with the birth of our third, completely renovated and remodeled our home, and started living a more minimalistic, quality over quantity approach to basically everything.

It's important to me that I provide you with the most accurate representation of my personal style. I always want my content to feel fresh and with purpose. So in March of 2018 I decided to do some MAJOR spring cleaning and delete all of my previous content. I mean everything. I hope you love the new TTC as much as I do.


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